For the past few days headlines have been alerting New York (and beyond) that a shifty Nor'easter was about to slam into us with some real snow! Snow!? Holy-moly, could it actually be? Something to settle my frazzled fear of Ithaca never seeing a truly snowy winter again...
Thank you Mother Nature.

*let me be clear, I am fully aware of the devastating truth when it comes to what's happening to our quickly warming world -- but let me have my 3 days of peace okay?!?*

On Monday evening we peered out of the windows of our home at what seemed like not much of any sort of action.... Snow? Barely.... (I'll believe it when I see it.)
Soon enough alerts started coming in the form of text messages from both the Ithaca City school district and my College - alerting us to the closure of all campuses until further notice. 
I wiggled in my seat with excitement as this meant my mid-terms would be postponed, horrible I know.  We fell asleep to some light snow falling and awoke to a pure-white snowy outdoors, swells of snow swirling around the yard, and more than just a couple inches on the ground. We were all forced to take a snow day - MASSIVELY exciting! 

First things first, gear up & lets hike to the coffee shop! We took what would typically be a 5-10 min. walk and we spent almost two hours romping through our almost unrecognizable neighborhood. Playing, photographing, kicking up the fluffy white snow, it was freezing -- but it was so beautiful. With hot coffee in hand we trekked back home, and spent the rest of the afternoon snuggled up on the couch with hot tea and a movie. 

Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of a park bench...

Sites from day one, Nor'easter...

Nor'easter, day two -- I let the boys sled down our street, w i l d c h i l d!

The past few days in Ithaca's winter wonderland?
First thought, where the hell were you in December and January!?
Second thought, Hygge (attempts at defining Hygge -- one, two, three
Third thought, it's been pretty great to be forced to slow down. 
- Ciao for now