Question of appropriate creation.


There's a horrible level of doubt within the realm of creating something new, something different. There isn't any piece of art that has been more critically examined than it has been by it's maker.  

I choose my images carefully, and embedded within them are quiet details that scream to me, while likely going unnoticed by someone else. 
To say I don't second guess, or even triple guess my work before sharing it wouldn't be the truth - I obsess, over every single detail and only a fraction of what I make I share, this is especially true with the online world.
I know that some of the content and imagery that I create will cause question, or may even be uncomfortable. These images of my son playing with a washcloth in the bathtub are the essence of innocence yet, they don't exactly sit comfortably with the people who've seen them. 
When I create something there's no force involved, Unless of course I'm attempting to pair it with words (as I'm doing here).
I'm moved and inspired by observation. While I know many of my viewers may not understand or feel comfortable with these images, I've decided to share them anyway, because I love them, they're aesthetic versus content, a sense of darkness trapped within the essence of what we see as purely innocent.  
Just remember that there's a certain level of discomfort before understanding anything new or different than what you're used to seeing, and I am not interested in making art that you're used to seeing.