This weekend was unusually warm for late February weather in upstate New York, and while that scares the pants off of me and my guy, you bet your bottom dollar that we took full advantage! The sunshine was irresistible -- I grabbed my cameras, and my guys (Harvey included) and we headed to our favorite local hiking area.  Brian located a trail we hadn't explored yet called the "Interloken Trail".  It was stunningly gorgeous, sun peaking through the trees, everything was so quiet and removed, the air was so crisp and clean, and pathways were still covered in perfect fluffy snow. However, due to rapid snow melting away from the roads surrounding the FLX national forest, and given that those roads are unpaved it was quite the trek to get to our location. After slowly slipping around on the muddy roads, getting out and physically moving a tree (yeah my man's a super-hero) stopping for pictures galore < (Lo siento no lo siento) we arrived!
What a crazy weathered weekend -- but I wouldn't trade it, it was exactly what I needed to recharge. It was as beautiful as it was refreshing to feel that familiar pull into the woods/nature. I so adored it. These few months that linger before spring are always a little reclusive and crabby for me, Me & B typically go on a little get-away this time of year, to add a little sunshine to the dreary weather and this year we skipped.. So being woken up by my guys telling me that summer had arrived, only to then step outside barefooted and feel the warmth of the sunshine underneath my feet was beyond refreshing.

Noah is the one behind the lens for the pictures with me in them. From time to time I let him use one of my older dslr cameras -- He's a natural. The thing is, he loves it and he's really getting pretty good at it!

Finger Lakes National Forest | Hector