One week with two of my favorite people in the world, my soul-sisters, Katie & Suz

They visited Ithaca for a week, and we took a long weekend getaway in Brooklyn, to celebrate my Birthday. Here's a glimpse of our adventures, and one of the best weekends to date! I miss you girls like crazy, and I can't wait for our next adventure.

Let the celebrations

Friday morning we launched off - en' route to Brooklyn, NY.
This trip was a dream within a dream, New York was in bloom and the grannies were off!
Harris, Barbara & Margaret take an adventure -- Cheers to many more for us three. 



I have a tendency to suggest ideas that are be a bit unrealistic, so naturally I did just that... On a whim I reached out to my two soul sista's - my cousins, Suzie & Katie to see if there was a chance that they might travel to NY to celebrate my 30th. with me, It was a long shot but my girls are the very best and they came to me ((so full of love)). In retrospect, suggesting that we either travel to Katie on the West Coast - Southern California, or to Suzie in North Florida may have made for a warmer little get away, nevertheless it was perfecto! I couldn't be more humbled and grateful then I am to have these two ladies in my life! 
Katie and I share a passion for photography, she's incredibly talented go check her stuff out here < 

Once Katie arrived we started planning out our photography to-do's including taking her up to my college to work in the dark room and make some big fine art prints! We worked for hours between the digital lab and the dark room - developing film and testing out different printing papers. It was so great to share one of my most commonly used creative spaces with them. 

Once Suz arrived the three of us were absolutely filled to the brim with LOVE.JOY.INFINITE happiness to be together again!
We laid low in here in Ithaca for a few days, hung with our family, explored a few local spots, and spent some quality down time before we headed to the city for the weekend. 

A trip to the botanical garden.

On Friday afternoon we arrived at our airbnb, 
the dreamiest little, light-filled BK loft ever!

Once we settled in we immediately ran to Roberta's for some of that delicious Pizza! I ate the cheese and toppings off of their pizza's among other delicious goodies and of course a glass of rose. Cheers!

An afternoon wandering a blooming Central Park

The rest of our weekend consisted of endless exploring, nixing my to-do list, blow-outs, dancing until the sun came up, EATING, lots of coffee, vintage shops and markets, and of course a lot of photography.

Saying goodbyes with these two is always the hardest, it's so difficult to be physically separated by thousands of miles.
Hands in that once a year for the rest of our lives we do one week(end) somewhere on the map together!
I want to belly-laugh until we cry together forever!

xo, S