Okay at the risk of being one "those girls" I am going to try to keep my excitement under control....
BUT MY GUY, HE'S AMAZING! So on the eve' of my birthday eve' -- (yes apparently Birthday Eve's are a thing), Brian gave me a note reveling that I had a surprise getaway in store! 


Phase one - The Delivery
On Thursday evening Brian gave me two notes
#1, A tiny folded up note of appreciation.
#2. The second note telling me how to prepare for our surprise overnight!



Note #2 - Needless to say
I was beaming with excitement!

The surprise was a overnight on our favorite stretch of the Seneca Lake wine trail.

We had reservations for the opening night of the Stonecat Cafe - where we had our first "real" date four summers ago!
If you haven't been to Stonecat, go! It's delicious, almost entirely farm to table, local wines & spirits, a stunning view of seneca lake, great service, and is an all around awesome time. 
We glamped! Thats glamorous-camping, which was perfect. It was pre-season so we had the whole place to ourselves, and because of this everything was completely quiet, and so peaceful. 

Once settled into our camp we set out to hit up some of our Hector favorites!
We started at Two Goats (Another go immediately if you haven't been) Every time we walk into Two Goats we have the same feeling of what the heck are we doing with our lives!?!? And, How do we do this!?
The location is unbeatable/unbelievable, it's nestled between great wineries and great food, the building it's self is a complete dreamboat, and the porch? It has the most desirable view of Seneca lake there is.
That porch, a beer (or for me a cider), sunshine, and my guy -- that's pure birthday perfection. 

Just when I thought to myself that things couldn't get anymore perfect, in walked my lady Laura and her parents! They came to join us for a drink -- I was smitten! I couldn't adore that crew more than I already do, it was so great to see them. 

All around this afternoon, evening, night, and morning were a 10 -- the boys were at home with another one of my closest girlfriends, and when we came home the next day the house was decorated, and my welcome couldn't have been any sweeter.

 I can't imagine a better way to spend the eve of my 30th. trip around the sun!

We came across these sweet ponies on the way home ~ It was the happiest of Birthdays

There were other countless sweet moments tied into this little getaway that I wont bore you with -- what I will leave you with is this lasting thought. Sneaking away for the eve' of my birthday with B was the perfect reminder to slow down, and to take a moment to just be present and revel in that short time we had away together.
They're fleeting, these peaceful moments of clarity, and unfortunately the in's and out's of everyday life tend to steal our ability to just slow down and be thankful for the everyday beauty of life. This trip restored my ability to slow down, to recognize my presence in everyday life moments.