Flowers will forever be my most favorite still subject.
A subtle inspiration. 
These beauties were to celebrate a major milestone in my amazing lady Laura's life!

Okay so I can't really begin to tell you how special it was for me to watch Miss Laura graduate from her nursing program. Mostly because she's such an inspiration to me but also because I felt so honored for her to want me there, to be there for her! Laura and I haven't been friends for 10+ years, we didn't know each other from the elementary school-bus, we met each other while we were working our buns off to open a restaurant here in Ithaca, NY. ( Agava - an all local farm-to-table southwestern inspired restaurant. One that's excellent by the way - if you're in Ithaca, New York and craving a versatile hit the spot every-single-time menu and amazing cocktails, the *Charred Margarita* Ohhh mama. You should definitely check it out.) Back to Laura, through the hustle of the restaurant industry we shared MANY-A plates of food, drinks, laughs, pick me ups, vent sessions and all of life's ups, and downs. What we ultimately did was cultivate a friendship on common ground and generally enjoying the crap out of each others company! It's the real deal and I know that Laura & Matt (Her super hubby, also Chef of yet ANOTHER DELIGHTFUL local restaurant called Hazelnut Kitchen < Run don't walk! ) I know that Laura and Matt will be a significant part of my life for many years to come. SO hats off to you my dear - I love you, ever so much! Cheers to your hard-work and future my love.