They belong here, Wild and Free.

This is a project that's coming from my heart. As I raise my two boys, on a daily basis I'm faced with conflicts, decisions on how to raise them, what to feed them, what to dress them in, making sure they're cleaned up before we go out to dinner, or before so and so stops by.
We're constantly trying to mold our children into people that are "socially acceptable", setting harsh expectations at young ages, telling them, molding them, correcting them, pushing them into what-no-who they're supposed to be.
As a Mother I want to give them the deepest most sound roots - roots of love and strength, roots that will ground them through the most difficult places that they'll be inevitably faced with. I want to give them roots that tie back to us as a family as their forever safe place, ones of love, protection and acceptance. I want them to have the freedom to be themselves, their wild and free perfect selves.
Don't get me wrong, I want them them to succeed in life. I want them to be educated, well mannered and to follow their dreams. I hope to set them up to have true confidence in who they are as individuals, so that they're able to obtain their inner most goals, follow their passions. However, I want them to do it through exploration of nature, through trial and error, through rolling in the mud, through squealing from excitement! I want them to learn the ways of the world with the sound confidence that I will always be here with love and acceptance. With the confidence that I adore, love and will forever support them at their most wild and free times.
So as I move through this beautiful life, I'll always find the most joy, and feel my passion for photography most fulfilled, when I capture images of my beautiful sons being their perfectly wild and free selves.