Halloween is always a crafty fun time in the Ash-Clapp household, and 2016 didn't disappoint - well actually, it kind of did....
Over the past year or so the boys have heavily taken an interest in Harry Potter and I being the HP fanatic that I am could not be happier! So there it was, our destiny - Noah as Harry, Logan demanding to be a death eater, Me - a dressing as the Golden Snitch, and Bri as Harry's broom-stick!
Behold, creative perfection!
Until of course that was we ran out of Gold fabric spray - Crap!
If only hadn't we procrastinated putting together our outfits until the last actual second..
 This rather unfortunate twist in events left us with one option, pull out the real-deal spray paint and lets get gold. Turns out the toxic smell of spray paint does NOT fade with time.... So we nixed our perfect Harry Potter four-some, let the boys get their Harry Potter on and we went as weirdos in blue suits, with matching outfits that we found at a thrift shop while on vacation a few years ago. Needless to say it was entertaining either way ;) Here are a few pictures of the boyos.