Wild is a project that was born from passion;
a passion for photographing my own children, Noah and Logan. 
Wild is a love story to my children and to all of the children and families who made it possible.
It is a reminder to the world to embrace the perfect imperfections of our children's wildest moments.
It is a reminder that our entire lives are passing us by constantly... one fleeting moment after the next.

So slow down.
By observing them through their ups and their downs.
By witnessing their stillness, and their impossible speed.
By noting their reluctance to open up to strangers with that familiar shyness.
And by reveling in their complete trust in you once you show them your kindness.
Remember with a child's heart how every day is a true adventure, and is packed with endless potential.

My aim was to create images that speak to the raw emotions, unpredictable nature, pure joy, and those quiet often forgotten or unnoticed moments in-between that make being a child what it is, 


These images are not isolated to my clients. 
This collection of images is a mixture of complete strangers, and the little ones closest to my heart.
These images have been collected because they were moments and children that moved or inspired me - I was drawn to them. 
These are my children, my little cousins, my nieces & nephews. 
These are stranger's children at a party, or a member of my community that I approached while walking down the street en' route to a coffee - luckily, with my camera on my shoulder. 
They're guests of a wedding I'm attending, or photographing.
They're picked and pulled from the depths of my archives, and captured from my everyday life.



If you're interested in learning more about how, or where this project started you can read about it here on my blog.
I'll also have this collection displayed in several places in the coming months.
(Stay tuned for locations where you'll be able to view it in person!)
Lastly, I'm completely devoted to continuing the project so, if you want to get involved please click the inquiry button button below and fill out a contact form.

Thank you.