Photos | Afterthoughts

Alright, I have to say that I'm still full of enormous amounts of love and inspiration from this past Saturday. Some 10,000 people showed up from our tight community to march for women's rights, and it was amazing to be a part of it. 
The big question is where do we go from here? I have no idea, but I'm figuring it out.
I've found that this website is a great place to start, and suddenly after months of feeling as though I wanted to run from any conversation that was politics related.... I feel ready to talk about these issues, to stand up for these issues, and that my single (very loud) voice not only can, but does make a difference. 
My life is crazy, two boys, a partner a house, chickens, dog and fish, full-time student, jobs, basketball practice, swim lessons, and the list goes ON -- but everyone's life is full! For me I'm realizing that above everything my life is beautiful, full of love, and even though it's busy and chaotic that these additional steps, they don't take a ton of time. They don't take anytime at all, and the reward is truly lasting. I'm revved up, I want to educate myself and my family, I'm going to work on investing every bit of my available self into my community, my family, and sharing everything that I learn along the way. For the first time since November 9th. I feel OK - not ok as in safe, okay as in I (just me, my voice, my body, my actions) can help to make a change. 

I also have to share/ mama brag, that the last sign photograph, (the one above this text) my two sons made on their own! I was getting ready for the march & B was downstairs, I heard the boys rustling around our office so I peaked in and Noah said "Ta-Da!" My eyes flooded and my heart was so full. I have two truly amazing not-so-little, boys. 

a few other ways to get involved:
planned parenthood day of action - jan 30th. 
10 actions|100 days website mentioned above
Anti-trump marches + rallies, april 15th.