Skaneateles is a super small town in Onondaga County, NY. that's jam-packed with charm! It's home to one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever seen in my life - it has crystal clear water, yet it's perfectly turquoise, and the sun glistens on top of every inch of water that it touches.
The downtown area of this town has it all - local shoppes galore! From antiques to boutiques, bakeries and locally roasted coffee, the infamous "Doug's Fish Fry!" and amazing ice-cream, with the most perfect boat/lake access - a cute park with plenty of seating by the water, amazing restaurants, a night life and the list goes on.... ENDLESS CHARM! 

This trip to Skaneateles had it's own purpose and that was to celebrate Father's Day in style with our family. Typically we visit an amazing resort once a year, just after Christmas time and enjoy, detox and fall madly in love with how perfectly charming this perfect historic town is.  

The first time Brian and I visited Skaneateles together I had no memory of having ever being there prior - yet everything felt familiar. When we came home my Pop informed me that he and my Nan used to frequent The Krebs Restaurant and bar for Bloody Mary's & Bar snacks, and to enjoy the town. To my surprise B & I had just had the most amazing meal we had ever shared together there the day prior. Visiting The Krebs became not only a treat, and a STAPLE visit when we're in the area. The food, drinks, ambiance and service are not only spot on but are truly one of a kind! 

So on this trip to the area Brian and I visited to have dinner with his Mom & Step-Dad Bill - We explored, grabbed happy hour, pictures and shared a ton of laughs and a delicious meal together!